Pre Install Info

The following information is provided to help in the successful installation of
your new flooring. Before accepting this quote, please read this information.

Furniture When having your new flooring installed please remove as much
furniture as possible out of the areas to be installed. If our installation team is
moving furniture, all care (and) no responsibility will be taken. Some trades
such as vinyl installers require space to pattern out material. They will tend to
use a larger room, such as a lounge to do this. This will mean they may move
some furniture to lay out the pattern out and will reposition the furniture after

Uplift This is usually discussed with the salesperson at the time of measure &
quote. If you are going to undertake the uplift, removal & disposal of the
existing flooring yourselves, please ensure that the uplifted areas are clean and
ready for installation prior to our installation team arriving. We do uplift
flooring but there is a charge involved and we also therefore require to book
enough time to cover this.

Appliances Please remove fridges, freezers, stoves, washing machines,
supatub,dryers and dishwashers from the areas where new flooring is to be
installed. If moving your dishwasher, supatub, toilet and washing machine is
too difficult for you, then we advise you to employ the services of a registered
plumber. If your stove/over is hardwired, the services of a registered
electrician will be required.

Electrical Equipment Dismantling & reassembling of televisions, computers
and their networks, broadband and stereo systems are the responsibility of the
occupier. Please engage the services of the appropriate person or company to
undertake this.

Doors When installing new flooring the new height can cause doors to rub.
We recommend that you employ a builder to shave these doors. Our installers
are not skilled in carpentry, or have the necessary tools.

Paint Work Please allow enough time for freshly painted walls, doors &
skirting to harden prior to the installation of new flooring. It is recommended
to leave 48 hours drying time in between painting and new flooring being